Odds have arrived – BetYou V2.0

Another big day here at BetYou HQ – we’re delighted to announce that BetYou V2,0 has arrived!

So what’s new? Well lots really, for starters you’ll be delighted to hear that odds are now available. It’s a feature users have been crying out for since our beta launch and something we’ve been working extremely hard on to get right. Elsewhere we’ve made the way you create and accept bets much easier, added group chat, cluster bets and a whole host of other features. I’ll let the detail below explain each feature further and theres a couple of helpful videos to get you started.


We’ve just made betting a whole lot easier
We now have a much better way of creating and accepting bets.
Creating Bets

OddsYou’ve asked and we’ve delivered. Odds are now available – woohoo! Applied with ease in fractional or decimal form, you’ll never need to handicap a bet again.

Cluster Bet
The Cluster BetGet everyone involved. Bets can now be sent to multiple friends or public members who can all take a pieces of the action.

Group Chat
Group ChatNow the banter, put-downs, pictures and bragging can be shared by everybody in the bet, all on the same screen.

RewardsIf you’re a new user there still €10 up for grabs by completing a few simple tasks. As a Thank You to our existing users we’re giving away an extra €5. All you have to do is create an accepted €5 Bet and it’s yours. Easy.