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Refund Policy

BullorBear Refund Policy

Bullorbear Limited (“We”) outline our policy on depositing and refunding member/customer deposits in the following Policy.

This policy (together with our Terms and Conditions) sets out the basis on which any funds we collect from members will be processed by us. Please read the following carefully to understand our views and practices regarding deposits and withdrawals and how we will treat them.

BullorBear members must ensure that they use a payment method that belongs to them and is registered in their name. Only one payment method can be used on an account at any given time. Where more than one payment method has been used we reserve the right to ensure that payouts are made in accordance with rules designed to minimize fraud. This can include partial payments to previously used deposit types, where applicable.

No withdrawal will be processed until we have satisfactorily completed the verification process (Age & Identity Verification).

Deposits will be held in members account and they will be able to move seamlessly between the various elements of the website.

Provided payments have been confirmed and members have successfully completed our verification processes funds can be withdrawn from members account at any time. When moving between the products on our website please be aware that you are accepting any specific rules and terms relating to the betting or gaming product you are using.

If required, it will remain your responsibility to report any winnings and losses to your local law or tax or other authorities. We will not be liable to these authorities for any of your personal taxes.

Deposits made by bank transfer, debit or credit cards will not be charged by us, although your payment provider may make a charge. However, you should be aware that some credit card companies regard betting transactions as “cash” and may attach a fixed and/or interest charge from the date of payment. Withdrawals to UK debit cards, credit cards and via bank transfer to UK bank accounts will also not be charged.

Bank charges will apply to the transfer of deposits and withdrawals to international bank accounts. Payment of these charges will be your responsibility and may vary according to the amount of money transferred.

If the level of deposits and withdrawals does not correspond to a sufficient volume of play, we may decide to pass on associated charges to you. You are responsible for paying any associated charges to us, either on demand or where there are sufficient funds in your account by debiting these charges from your account.

If your gameplay leads us to believe that you have been abusing exchange rate fluctuations, we may decide to charge commission on such transactions. Our currency exchange rates will reflect the daily rates published in the Financial Times.

We reserve the right to suspend and close any account that is not being used for the purpose of play on our products. The reasons for this include but are not limited to exchange rate abuse and deposits without corresponding play.

You are only permitted to bet up to the amount deposited in your account.

Funds held in your account will not entitle you to interest. We hold your funds separately from our corporate funds and they are not subject to any specific trust arrangement. All Client funds are held directly by BullorBear Ltd.