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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the App cost to download?
The App is free to download!
Why do you charge a payment fee for depositing and withdrawing funds?
Unfortunately the payment processor charge us a fee for every payment transaction so we need to make sure we are covered. We’ve reduced the processing fee as much as possible for you. None of this payment fee goes to BetYou.
What happens if I have a bet with someone and they don’t agree that I won?
If you cannot agree who won the bet our BetYou admin team will step in and resolve the issue. If we can determine the winner the winner will get awarded the funds. If we cannot determine who the winner was we will refund both parties and your rating will be reduced. Commission will still be deducted on these bets. BetYou will arbitrate all bets fairly.
Can I void a bet if the event doesn’t take place?
No. Our Admin Team will void the bet in this scenario.
How much commission do you charge?
BetYou charge 5% commission on the winnings which is similar to other operators.
Can I keep my bet with my friend private?
Of course! On the bet summary screen just tap “secret bet” and nobody else other than the person you are sending the bet to will know about it.
When creating my Bet why does it ask me “How Long are you offering your bet for?”
The last thing you want is someone accepting your bet after an event has started. To protect yourself set a time for how long you want to offer the bet for. For example, if you want to have a bet on the United game which starts at 3pm set the bet to expire at 2.59pm. This way nobody will be able to accept the bet after the game has started.
How come I can’t use Facebook to invite friends?
Unfortunately Facebook don’t allow betting apps to use their platform for Social Login or Sharing purposes.
Why isn’t the App in the Google Play Store?
Google don’t allow real money betting apps in the Google play store. You can download BetYou for Android securely at http://betyou.ie/android/
Why do I have to re-login sometimes? Can you not remember your password?
To keep your account safe we ask you to login every time. If your phone was lost or stolen anyone could go into your account and cause a lot of financial damage. Your account safety is very important to us.
How can I invite friends?
You can invite friends to BetYou by using Twitter or SMS within the App. Alternatively you can tell your friends to visit http://betyou.ie to downlaod the app for iPhone or Android.
Can I add people as friends?
Yes, if you go through your friends’ friends list you can add people you know and request that they be your BetYou friend.