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Responsible Gambling

BetYou – Responsible Gambling

If you are unsure whether or not you may have developed a gambling problem, you can use the following simple checklist for self-assessment. If you answer positively to at least four of the following questions it is recommended you call either our customer service staff or one of the professional bodies highlighted below to seek professional advice.

  • Preoccupation: Do you find that you are becoming preoccupied with past gambling successes?
  • Tolerance: Do you find that you need to increase the amount of money you gamble to achieve the same enjoyment and excitement?
  • Unable to stop: Have you recently tried to stop gambling but were unsuccessful?
  • Irritability: Do you become moody or impatient when you are cutting down how much you gamble?
  • Escape from reality: Do you ever use gambling a way of ignoring stress in your in life or even pick you up when you feel down?
  • Chase losses: Do you ever try to win back the money you lost by increasing the size or frequency of your wagers?
  • Conceal involvement: Do you ever hide how much or how often you gamble from significant others?
  • Unsociable behaviour: Have you ever committed fraud or theft to get money to gamble with?
  • Ruin a relationship/opportunity: Has gambling ever ruined a personal relationship or an occupational or educational opportunity?
  • Bail-out: Have you ever needed others to relieve a financial problem created by gambling?

How do I self-exclude from BetYou?

If you feel you have an issue with gambling then you should contact us and ask for self-exclusion. Our Customer Service agents can have your account shut down in minutes. Customers can also self-Exclude themselves from within the App.

You can contact us by Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

A customer who has requested to self-exclude will be closed permanently and any outstanding transactions will be refunded. Any new accounts you might attempt to open will also be blocked as soon as detected. In addition, BullorBear will take all reasonable measures to make sure you do not receive any promotional material and will endeavor to prevent you from gambling in the future.

Dunlewey Advice centre (Ireland only)

The Dunlewey Advice centre provides counselling and support groups for people who find themselves in difficult situations regarding gambling.

If you would like to speak to someone in confidence, you can call the Dunlewey help line on 1800 936 725.

Gamcare (UK only)

Living with a gambling problem can be tough. But you are not alone. Confidential counselling is only a phone call away where the counsellors at the other end of the line understand that you need a safe anonymous place to get information about problem gambling. They appreciate that reading this and picking up the phone can be the hardest steps you will take toward a solution to your gambling problem.

If you are not sure if you have a problem, counselors can help you sort out your feelings.

Gamcare provide a confidential telephone counselling national helpline for anyone who is concerned about their own, or someone else’s gambling.

Helpline UK: 0808 802 0133 or 0845 6000133 (08:00am – Midnight 7 days a week)

Helpline Intl: +44 845 6000 133 (08:00am – Midnight, 7 days a week)


E-mail: [email protected]

Gambling Therapy

Gambling Therapy has a wealth of skills and experience in helping those affected by compulsive gambling or affected by a loved one’s compulsive gambling. They offer a broad range of facilities and services tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. Their support groups are designed to help people with common issues exchange experiences and ideas on how best to cope with and recover from their gambling habit.

For a one-to-one approach they also offer email advice and counselling. Whatever your gambling problem is and however you feel it is best resolved, Gambling Therapy is there to help you. For more information browse the site or connect to their live helpline.

Online Help Room

The function of this room is to enable a gambler or anybody else who is affected by someone’s gambling to access help and support from an advisor. The advisor looks with the client at the options of help that are available to them. This is done by the advisor working on a one to one basis (in an advisory capacity) thus assessing the client’s needs. The advisor is then able to point them in the best direction by offering them the appropriate agencies etc.


The forum is a place where anybody and everybody can discuss and debate any concerns or issues they have with gambling and can receive feedback and general support from all who use it. The Forum is constantly moderated by the Professional Gambling Therapy team.

Online Support Groups

The function of these rooms is for the client to be able to speak with others in the same or similar position as themselves giving and receiving support to each other. The rooms are facilitated by the GT Team Leader. There are various groups running each day at various times. On most occasions the advisor is able to pass the client on from the help room to the support room which encourages the client. The Groups currently in operation are for, compulsive/problem gamblers, family and friends and under 18’s.


On-Line counselling is also available

Buddy System

A member of the Gambling Therapy team meets with their Buddy (a recovering gambler or someone affected by someone’s gambling) online to give them one to one support once a week for a maximum of 12 weeks.

Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who have joined together to do something about their own gambling problem and to help other compulsive gamblers do the same.

Helpline UK: 08700 50 88 80

Helpline IRE: 01 872 1133


UK –


Gamble Aware aims to provide the facts about gambling in an accessible manner. They promote responsible gambling only, and support initiatives that help prevent gambling from becoming a problem and minimise gambling-related harm.


Blocking access to gambling sites

If you do feel that you have a problem we would recommend that you consider blocking access to all gambling sites from your PC by installing blocking software such as GamBlock which works by detecting data used by gambling sites, shutting down your browser and delivering a warning message every time you attempt to access such sites. This service costs $89.95 (approx €63 or £54) for a 1 year licence and you can find further information on their website,

Want to take your query further?

If you are not satisfied with how your responsible gaming query was handled and wish to escalate the matter, below are the details for contacting the Gambling Commissioner:

Online contact form

Email[email protected]

Address: Gambling Supervision Commission
Ground Floor
St George’s Court
Myrtle Street

Telephone – 01624694331
Fax – 01624694344