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About Us

All you need to know about betyou.ie

So who and what exactly is betyou.ie? Here we give you the full lowdown: 

Who are we? 

We are a collection of sports betting professionals, sports fans and betting enthusiasts whose aim it is to provide sports betting fans in Ireland with an honest appraisal of what is available to them. Sports betting sites are our specialty.  

What do we want to achieve?  

We don’t have any over-ambitious goals. We simply want to provide potential punters in Ireland with all the relevant info. they need to select the best betting sites for their needs. We’d love you to think of us as your trusted guide to where to bet by providing relevant and up-to-date information on details such as bonuses, features, promotions, deposit methods, apps, security and more. And we are always honest in our opinions.

How do we do it? 

There’s nothing fancy about our methods. Just like you would, we sign up to the sites and start betting for ourselves to see what the experience is really like. Many bookmakers promise the world, but the fact is that you really have no idea until you have tried and tested it. So that’s what we do for you! What we publish is the result of our very own research. And we have no vested interests. We are always impartial, and will happily give you the drawbacks as well as the benefits of betting with each particular operator.  

What precisely do we offer? 

As well as honest and trustworthy user reviews of betting sites available in Ireland, we compare operators so you don’t have to. We also provide information about the bonuses available to bettors in Ireland, and compare the odds available. It’s all you need to know about sports betting in Ireland in one convenient location.  

What can the user get from us? 

Why would you visit betyou.ie? What are you going to get from us that you won’t get elsewhere. Well, we pride ourselves on providing:

  • Impartial reviews of sports betting sites available in Ireland.
  • Details of all the most relevant bonuses, including sign up offers, that the bookmakers are currently offering to punters in Ireland.
  • All the practical information you need to start betting with a site, including how to sign up, and what deposit and withdrawal methods are available to you.  

How do we do it? 

How we put together our betting site reviews isn’t a gimmick. Quite simply, our content writers are regular betters and sports fans like you. They try out the sites for size, and then write honest reviews about what’s to like about the betting sites, and what’s not. And it always comes from an Irish perspective, so you know that our reviews will resonate with you. 

Our team: 

Steve McCarroll is a sports and sports betting fan who has been writing and reviewing sites for many years. Football, rugby, cricket and tennis are among his favourite sports, and he also loves going to big sporting events including Premier League matches and horse racing festivals such as Cheltenham. 


1. Please note the following information about our site: 

  1. betyou.ie is not a sports betting site. We are an information site that provides: 

              i.Information about how and where you can bet on sports 

              ii. A guide to sports betting sites available in Ireland 

              iii.Odds comparisons between betting sites available to punters in Ireland. Please note we don’t set the odds and are not a sports betting site. We publish these odds only as a guide to those interested in placing sports bets with third-party operators.  

2. Users of betyou.ie should note: 

   a. It is the sole responsibility of the site user to understand local regulations and laws in regards to sports betting  

   b. Any betting undertaken by the user is done so entirely upon their own discretion and at their own risk 

   c. That by clicking on any links or affiliate sites that they are leaving the betyou.ie website 

3. It is the objective of betyou.ie to provide information and entertainment related to the activity of betting on sports in Ireland. Please note that our site features paid advertisements as well as sponsored posts. Please also note that these posts may earn us a commission which does not entail any additional cost to the user, nor influences the content that we post